David Emami Talks About the Importance of Giving Encouraging Words to People

Have you ever been in some situations where you needed someone to simply whisper you the words “it’ll be okay”? Right until you are able to reach that point in life, you may possibly underestimate how powerful encouragements are. As a matter of fact, words of encouragement coming from anyone in this world is a very uplifting message that is meant to raise the spirit of someone who receives it. Furthermore, words of encouragements are usually directed to those individuals who are on the verge of losing hope, giving up or those individuals who are probably dealing with difficult situations in their lives. But, the question is, why are encouragements important?

1. Words of Encouragements, Especially from People Close to Us, Prevent Us from Losing Hope or Giving Up
According to David Emami of Tualatin, giving up is considered as the worst injustice that one can do to himself. Words of encouragement can actually make someone feel better, as well as relate to their own capabilities. This is because you can be able to regain your energy from positive and encouraging words that are pushing you to stand up and move forward.
2. Encouragements Influence Much Greater Decisions in Life
Some people often make decisions primarily based on their emotions. What people don’t know about is that this can be extremely dangerous, most especially all the hasty decisions that we make when we are angry or depressed. In addition to that, a discouraged soul can possible throw in the towel as well as make some wrong decisions and bad choices in life. On the other hand, a well-encouraged soul will make more rational decisions, thus, helping him to be more productive and create a more positive outlook on life.
David Emami said that most people want to share all the good things that are happening to them. Thus, when positive changes happen in your life due to encouraging words you got from other people, it is definitely best that you practice the same to another individual who is in need of encouraging words and uplifting.
3. Encouraging Words are Powerful
In many ways, words can help shape our future. Therefore, if you grow up as a person full of positive criticism and encouragements, chances are that you will be able to have a good attitude yourself. Simply put, words of encouragement simply turn people into great and optimistic ones. Furthermore, words can also make or break a person.
With all these clear reasons why encouraging each other is very important, then why do people do not encourage each other more often?
4. Dealing with Ignorance
If you do not know how important words of encouragement are, it may never occur to you to encourage anyone. Due to our daily busy lives, you’ll to assume that words won’t make an individual feel better. Now that you know, David Emami suggests that you take any opportunity you get in order to impart some encouraging words to people around you. In that way, you can also help someone change his or her life for the better.


Tips on How to Renovate Your Attic 

The attic is considered as one the room sellers ignore but is very important. Renovating or cleaning your attic is a great idea because buyers are always looking for extra space. Without taking up additional space, it increases the square footage of your home. It will also give you an advantage against other sellers with dusty attics.

According to research, a return of about 84 percent is guaranteed when they sell. You can take these home organization tips if you would love to refurbish your attic but are short of ideas. 

    Examine Your Attic Space to Add a Bedroom 

Make sure that the project is feasible before you convert your attic into a usable space. To inspect the room, you can hire a contractor. He will be the one to tell you how to meet the building codes and whether the ceiling is high enough for the room to be feasible and usable for you. 

    Adding Storage is Important 

Try to provide as many options as you can because buyers love storage. Do not let your sloped attic ceiling be dragging. Built-in cabinetry, drawer systems, and shelves can be installed. For storage, do not just lay boxes on top, instead, you can get creative using custom built-ins or furniture that has plenty of drawers and compartments. 

Since many potential buyers do not know what to do with an attic, you can stage it into a home office with a desk and built-in shelves for books and belongings. Family homebuyers will love it if you consider turning it into a playroom for kids. 

    Choose the Best Lighting  

Good artificial lighting is important because most attics have very little natural lighting. Find out the best way to illuminate the space before you buy lighting fixtures. It is true that it is also an important factor to consider. Install pendant lights if the room has a slanting ceiling and is devoid of partitions. 

To provide ample lighting, choose lights that coordinate with the size of the room. To help you install a ceiling fan, recessed lighting, or other lighting fixtures that will open up your dark attic, you can hire an electrician. 

    Soundproof and Insulate Your Room 

To keep the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer, it is important that your attic is well insulated. Adding insulation to your attic space, you can have a great winter renovation project. It is bound to lose cool air and heat faster than any other room since the attic is located just under the roof of your home. 

It is ideal for the room to be sprayed with foam roof insulation even though this might be quite expensive. Only a small amount is required which could result in more overhead space because the insulation forms a firmer air barrier. 

It is true the converting your attic into a room can be costly, but you can slowly do the job to keep the cost down. These features can make it the coziest room in your home, while it might have a slanting ceiling and little natural light.